Audio transcription

Imagine a world where the written word can be enjoyed by everyone!

SoundTalking can make your text available in audio format and help achieve this dream.

Professionally produced audio material not only informs, but also entertains, helps and influences the listener. Good production values reinforce brand personality and help you to win business or simply get your message across in a pleasing and professional manner.

Making documents available in audio format is a tried and tested method of communicating with people who have restricted ability to read.
SoundTalking has more than 20 years experience in transcribing written material to audio formats. We provide sound advice on all aspects of the production process, from origination through to a final product that uses techniques that really engage the listener.

Our in-house recording studios offer sophisticated recording and duplication facilities, operated by highly trained and qualified staff. Our professional team takes care of the whole process including:

  • sourcing the right voice for the job,
  • identifying appropriate sound-effects and music, and
  • helping with the design and production of your finished product.

All audio projects are digitally edited to ensure a polished and professional result that fully meets your expectations. We can supply the finished audio version of your documents in CD, cassette or even MP3 formats.

SoundTalking’s experience and expertise ensures delivery of your audio requirements on time and within budget.