SoundTalking produces high quality braille documents by transcribing documents into grade 1 or grade 2 British braille and Welsh braille.

Intelligent re-design and modification

Creating a braille version of a print document is not as simple as merely selecting “braille” in the braille translation software. In order to ensure the quality and accessibility of a finished braille document, SoundTalking’s specialists check the content is appropriate for use by braillists. Where an issue is identified, SoundTalking highlights the problem for the customer and provides one or more appropriate, intelligent solutions. This ensures that the best possible product is supplied to the end user.

Modification and creation of tactile diagrams

Where a diagram in a print document can’t be removed and replaced with text for transcription to braille, SoundTalking will create and produce clear and accessible tactile diagrams in two formats. Simple diagrams are drawn electronically and re-produced on swell paper. More complex diagrams are re-produced from a handmade collage. Using these methods, tactile representations of many visual images, including graphs and maps, are included in braille documents.

Professional and accessible presentation

To create the right impression, SoundTalking finishes braille documents with a front and back cover with print and braille artwork, as appropriate. Documents are bound with wire comb, allowing the greatest flexibility for use by braillists whilst maintaining the professional presentation of the document.

SoundTalking’s experience and expertise ensures delivery of your braille requirements on time and within budget.